For Those Serious About Ordering

Final Affairs, BUT HAVEN’T!

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While true that many feel getting their final affairs in order is important so as not to put more stress and a greater burden on their family later, our experience is many still have not!

So the big question is:   

Will you get around to it, if we help you? 

If you commit to taking our 60-day, Round Tuit Challenge, we’ll give you a “round tuit” coin to get you started, because you finally got “around to it”!  Then we will provide resources and free hands-on workshops so you can finally get that important job done!

Taking the Challenge is

as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!!!


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You will then receive some information from us with more on how we are going to get this done together rather than to keep procrastinating on such an important task.

We’ll send you a “Round Tuit” coin plus information you need to get this done and how to attend our FREE workshops.

Together, we will begin with an initial meeting (by phone or in-office) to develop and start your plan. And then, with some guidance and help, you’ll be off to the races.

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