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RECOMMENDED AFFILIATES are those individuals, companies, organizations or government agencies who have a reciprocal relationship with AEF in referring clients who need help we can each provide.  Same client, different services. 

If your client is in charge and navigating how to take care of things after losing a friend or loved one, we can help with the many NON-MEDICAL matters and requirements to settle another’s final affairs. 

Though AEF staff are not attorneys, we work with partnering attorneys to provide clients with general administrative, legal (when needed) and personal affairs management, consultation and support.

Submit your business card or contact/services information for inclusion in our AEF Affiliates section in Connections & Resources area.  Examples below.  For more information, email us at 

Example of AEF Recommended Associates

Advocate Estate & Fiduciary

Advocate Estate & Fiduciary

Advocate Estate & Fiduciary

FOR our partnering stakeholders
   We are a trusted resource for you when you want to refer a client for additional help in our area of assistance but don’t know where to go.  We will assess their need and help or refer them to additional resources as appropriate.

❖  Prominent placement of your business card or organization’s contact information in our Connections and Resources area so new, potential clients can see it.

❖  Direct link from our site to yours to help with SEO and client access to your website.

❖  Engage site visitors through your sharing relevant and helpful information as an identified “expert” through our blogs and videos.

❖  Participate in AEF hosted community workshops with clients needing assistance.

FROM our partnering stakeholders
❖  Refer your clients to us and we will assess and provide further assistance to them as needed.

❖  Allow us to interview you in our videos and communications to promote your message and help our clients with your expertise.

❖  Provide your clients with information about our services and products as appropriate (see link below).

❖  Where appropriate or allowed, allow us to have reciprocal website links for easy connection by your client to our website.

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