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One at a Time – We Help Others Go Forward

If you, your organization or agency help those who are in grief or are taking care of the affairs of someone recently deceased, we invite you to become an affiliate. Affiliates are typically non-profit (or not-for-profit) and provide services needed by their clients. Typical affiliates would be in social services, legal services, housing services, health services, etc. Businesses usually become Partners rather than Affiliates because of the “for profit” status.

Provide us your your business card which we can image onto our website to direct those who may need your services directly to you. In return, we are a resource for you to refer your clients to, who may benefit from our services.

We know in your service to our community, there are times when you need to refer someone to another resource outside of your mission. For your clients struggling with taking care of someone’s affairs recently deceased but need help to have questions, give them our information so they can call or go to our website. The call is free. We’ll help them get on the right track and connected to good resources. Also, please let us know if you would need additional referral card to hand our to have additional questions yourself.