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A Team of People You Can Trust When You Need To

Those dealing with the loss of someone close may be dealing with overwhelming grief or emotions needing services or products but from people who will not take advantage of them at a time like this. Though companies and organizations are expected to be paid for services or products, AEF asks its partners to bring sensitivity and trust to the situations to provide the right service/product, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We are looking for partners who will best meet our clients needs and are in agreement with the following pledge:



We pledge to our client:

  • to meet our industry’s high professional standards
  • to strive to meet or exceed your expectations in response, interactions and results
  • to always treat you professionally with courtesy and respect
  • to fairly resolve issues and work to ensure anticipated results

We join AEF in showing compassion for your situation, proving the reliability of our word and earning your trust.

Provide us your business card which we can image onto our website to direct those who may need your services or products directly to you. In return, we are a resource to you to refer clients who are struggling another’s final affairs and have questions or need help.

AEF offers it’s partners additional perks besides an appropriate referral:

  1. We have an active website where your FREE inclusion provides awareness and direct connection to your firm for an additional source of exposure.
  2. AEF actively refers those who share the vision of client compassion with us and can make life simpler and easier for them.
  3. There is opportunity for additional promotion and participation through our workshops, community event, promotion and marketing to gain even more exposure for you.
  4. AEF actively markets to new and potential clientele a partner may not be reaching. Being one of our partners provides more awareness and connection with you by association.
  5. We are a trusted resource you can send your clients to at a time when experienced and compassionate help is needed.