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Hi, my name is Ralph, founding member of this website’s company, Advocate Estate & Fiduciary, LLC (AEF). Most attorneys I’ve worked with have a commonality in being deeply passionate about helping clients and their community.  Seems it is why many became attorneys to begin with – to make a difference.

My company shares a similar passion.  Having personally gone through the experience of handling the final affairs of someone I lost and having worked as an estate planning paralegal and probate case manager for years, Advocate Estate & Fiduciary LLC (AEF) exists to make life simpler and easier for spouses, families, personal representatives and attorneys.

It is truly tragic when another deals with loss of a loved one especially when it can become overwhelming as they also learn about and take on estate settlement responsibilities too.  At such a time, family should be able to focus mainly on their grief and healing.  AEF steps in to help with the “busywork” so they can.  At the same time, we take some of the work load off the attending law firm and elevate their client’s experience with a compassionate and professional demeanor.  Additionally, AEF sponsors FREE community workshops held to educate and motivate our community to get things done now.

If you share similar passion for your clients and our community, we’d like you to consider partnering with us to spread the word about the wisdom of getting legal and business affairs in order now to lessen the burden on others later.




In addition to having a mutual passion for our clients, at the end of the day, we still have to pay bills too, so a big part of our partnership also includes effort and activities to promote more business for both of us. 

AEF can get your name in front of more potential new clients and help build stronger client relationships for you.  You can help us get our information out to your clients and join with us to educate and motivate our community.


FOR our partnering attorneys
❖  Prominent placement of your business card and firm contact information on one of our Executor Help or Organize Your Affairs pages so new, potential customers see it.

❖  Direct link from our site to yours to help with SEO and client access.

❖  Engage site visitors through your sharing legal and helpful information as an identified “expert” through our blogs and videos.

❖  Participate in AEF hosted community workshops with clients already interested in the subject.

❖  Distribute your information through other AEF marketing and promotional efforts to select client groups.

❖  Highlighted placement opportunity in our 150+ page AEF Family Guide©.

FROM our partnering attorneys
❖  When your clients need a court-appointed PR, trustee, POA agent or help with estate matters that makes sense for you to offload, please consider bringing AEF in to work with you or directly with your client.

❖  Participate with us in promoting and motivating our community to get their affairs in order.

❖  Allow us to interview you in our videos and communications to help our clients with your expertise.

❖  Provide your clients with information about our services and products (see below).

❖  Where appropriate, allow us to have reciprocal website links and participate in your promotions.

THE AEF FAMILY GUIDE is a tool to organize necessary and important information for an estate, both BEFORE and AFTER death.  In a guide and workbook format, it provides over 150 pages of forms (for recording important information) and guidance on select topics (for the PR to better understand processes and how to get things done). 

It is a great help in making things simpler and easier for spouses, families, personal representatives, even attorneys.  And the guide costs less than 1/2 hour of a typical attorney’s time.  Very affordable and useful. 

Your firm’s name will also be included in each guide sold through your office at no additional charge.



COWBOY CARD.  A promo card we would ask you to give to your clients with their executed documents promoting the AEF Family Guide as the next step in organizing the rest of the information which will be needed later in addition to the legal documents.




INITIAL PROPERTY VISIT (typically $250).  Quick response to visit a new property to:

  1. Determine status, especially urgent considerations like pets or broken windows, locate legal papers.
  2. Secure premises and assets.  Contact locksmith as needed (at locksmith costs).  
  3. Basic photo inventory taken “how found”.
ONGOING RESIDENCE CLEAN OUT and MONITORING.  Remove or prepare contents for removal.  Leave in “Realtor ready condition”.  Regular site visits to discourage vagrants, check property condition and retrieve mail. (Pkg.s starting at $750.)
Estate PR, Administrator, Manager. Court-appointed or family nominated PR, Administrator, Successor Trustee or Estate Manager especially for clients who need a legal substitute or someone to step-in because of the lack of a PR or it is impractical for the appointed PR to continue because of geography, age, preference, family dynamics, etc. (NRS fees when applicable or pkgs. starting at $750.)