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If you have determined that taking on the full responsibility of being the appointed legal representative yourself is not wise because:

          ❖ It may be too overwhelming considering your own situation or emotions right now

          ❖ Your family dynamics or concerns warrant using a third-part

          ❖ Just need questions answered or a little help

          ❖ Another person is required to be appointed by law

Then Advocate Estate & Fiduciary (AEF) are Professional Estate Representatives (Fiduciaries) which can help with the following:


Fiduciary Representative for the Estate (PR) appointed by the court or nominated by the family to address and settle a decedent’s final affairs.  AEF will do the necessary “busywork” so the spouse or family does not have to.  A PR works closely with the family and the legal community as well as other professionals until all matters are resolved to the satisfaction of the court.  Services are typically used when:

          ❖ There is no will nor personal representative available in the state

          ❖ Client prefers a third party for personal reasons including:

                    ❖ Age

                    ❖ Preference not to take on the task

                    ❖ Travel costs

                    ❖ Their own work and commitments don’t allow time

                    ❖ Family dynamics

                    ❖ Replacement of current PR is needed

                    ❖ Current PR becomes disabled or passes

          ❖ Trust Administration is involved

Estate Support Services Advocate – Advocates assist families and attorneys with the management and administration of estate matters.

          ❖ Initially secure home and assets, coordinate lock changes

          ❖ Produce home content inventories, general and detail

          ❖ Produce detail full asset inventory with closest date-of-death values

          ❖ Home clean outs, garage sales and auctions

          ❖ Regular monitoring of estate issues

          ❖ Property/Asset Watch

          ❖ Mail/Bill Watch

          ❖ Coordinate and oversee professional and trade service providers as needed

                    ❖ Includes CPA’s Financial Advisors, Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Handymen, Lawn/Pool Care)

          ❖ Close/manage accounts and work with attorney to resolve creditor claims

          ❖ Liaison with attorney to manage probate and other estate issues

          ❖ Obtain IRS EIN

          ❖ Review pleadings and monitor court hearing outcomes

          ❖ Coordinate with CPA/Tax Service or family to file final taxes

          ❖ Coordinate Realty services as needed for sale or management of home

          ❖ Assist with ancillary probates and issues as needed (requires out-of-state attorneys)

          ❖ Finalize estate accounting and oversee asset distribution to beneficiaries

Fiduciary Power-of-Attorney for Medical or Financial AEF can be appointed as a trusted Power-of-Attorney (POA) agent when an individual does not have appropriate family, friends or acquaintances who can or will act as such.  We assist with both medical and financial powers.

Consultation on Management of Estate and Administrative Processes (non-legal)  AEF will help clients reduce hours and weeks of learning how to manage estate matters effectively and understand the necessary administrative processes from a paralegal (hands-on) perspective.  AEF will meet as often as needed to help guide and navigate a family on their journey of settling another’s final affairs.

Survivor Care A support service for the surviving spouse during transition to a new life.  For up to 1 year, AEF comes alongside a spouse and provides administrative, non-medical support as needed.

It is always AEF’s objective to:

  • Advocate for the family in settling affairs and estate matters as the decedent intended


  • Educate families about the processes and expectations to improve understanding


  • Follow Up and Communicate with the family/beneficiaries to provide regular updates and answer questions, etc.