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Who We Are and Why We’re Here


AEF’s story began when my last surviving parent passed in 2008. Suddenly, in a day, my last parent was gone and I, overnight, “inherited” the responsibility of settling both parent’s final affairs. After needless hours and unnecessary money spent, I eventually learned and finished up their final affairs “busywork”.

But I also was left feeling there had to be a better way to get through these things while grieving a tremendous loss. That experience inspired me to find that way. My company and this website are results of that way.


My mission now is “making life simpler and easier for families which have recently lost a loved one”. Truth be told, families should be allowed to focus more on their grief and personal healing rather than on trying to figure out what to do with all the “busywork” of settling another’s affairs.


AEF steps in to help with the necessary “busywork” so you don’t have to do so much.  Our services, website, resources, workshops and consultation are offered here so a family doesn’t need to find them at unnecessary cost or effort.  In short, we have done most of the work for you.


Ralph Goudy

Ralph Goudy


Ralph Goudy is the founder of Advocate Estate & Fiduciary LLC. Originally hailing from Kansas, Ralph moved to the Las Vegas metro area when he was 9, graduated from Boulder City High School, then subsequently obtained his business degree and paralegal certification from UNLV. Having worked for one of the largest probate and estate planning firms in the area managing estates and probate cases, Mr. Goudy now does the same for you through AEF.

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